Laundry ~ $2 a Load

September 20, 2020 It has taken me longer to write this post than anticipated.  I wanted to share my experience with the Gynecological Oncologist from Magee’s in Pittsburgh, PA on August 26th; unfortunately, life got in the way and it has taken me until today to have the time/attitude to write about it.  Lately, myContinue reading “Laundry ~ $2 a Load”

Boobs or Prosecco?

August 20, 2020 I am 16 days past my first in person High Risk visit. It was a good and informative visit. Most of it was reaffirming what I had already been counseled on, but the gal did a fine job and helped me separate some facts from fiction. She also reassured me that, noContinue reading “Boobs or Prosecco?”

Bliss or Power?

August 3, 2020 If ignorance is bliss and knowledge is power…which would you choose? Up until January of this year, I was blissfully unaware that a genetic mutation lurked silently within my cells. Although, I always knew that part of me was “Jewish”, I had no idea that a known genetic mutation was popular amongstContinue reading “Bliss or Power?”