Hi! My name is Gina Marie Burris. I am a Gypsy Soul that adores living in a small riverside community. I am the author of the children’s book Tallulah’s Diner. My favorite past times include spending time on the river, making memories with my family and friends, traveling and going to concerts (Eric Church is my fave.) As of January 2020, I have another identifying characteristic to add to my page of life. I am a BRCA1 mutant. Discovering this particular genetic mutation has, in some ways, turned my life upside down. However, it has also caused me to stop focusing on things that don’t matter, reflect on everything life has to offer and educate myself on what having this mutation means. In just over 8 months, I have found knowledge in places I didn’t know existed, laughter in some of my most challenging times to date, inspiration from strangers and a deeper respect and appreciation for the simple things in life. Through this blog, I plan to share my journey from the unknown to what I hope I can call “Previvorship” and beyond. I know there are going to be plenty of hills, valleys and winding roads and I promise to do my best to handle each hurdle and hard day with dignity, courage and strength. I hope to help bring awareness and information to others who might be going down a similar path or know someone who is. It may be daunting, but victory will be sweet.


Gina Marie

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