Eviction Eve

Eviction Eve

December 9, 2020

It has been an interesting 5 weeks, but it is finally Hysterectomy (Eviction) Eve.  I think I am as prepared as I could possibly be.  I have been stressing about this for so long, that reality feels more surreal than anything. 

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow morning.  Since the hospital is almost two hours away, Jim and I will be hitting the road at 3:30 am.  We considered staying in Pittsburgh tonight, but the guys that installed our new French doors just left about an hour ago.  If you would ever like to put an anxious person to the test, have a team of workers come into their home for 3 days prior to surgery during a pandemic.  I am sure it is great fun to sit and wait for them to either blow a fuse or implode.  Believe it or not though, I somehow managed to stay composed!  Maybe I have found some extra patience in this year filled with cancelled plans and general craziness.  On second thought, I am sure extra patience has not been granted and it is simply a December miracle.  😉

For my BRCA1 positive followers.  Making this decision did not come easy, nor has it been something that I have taken lightly.  If I allow myself to really think about it at this moment, I know the anxiety will kick in and the lightheartedness that I am trying to hold onto at this moment will diminish.  If that happens, I will need a paper bag to calm the hyperventilation and I may talk myself out of getting into the car at 3:30 tomorrow morning.  So, I promise I will revisit the pre-surgery jitters, the prep (enema in 30 minutes) and the long drive that I am sure to encounter in the near future. 

But, for tonight, I simply want to thank everyone who has been following me on this journey so far.  One of the days I have been dreading is on the horizon.  I know my body is in for some major changes.  I hope that I will be able to navigate through the storms with ease, find joy in knowing I will never be surprised by another period and delight in a soon to be updated drawer of new underwear. 

Until the next time…and since it IS the Holiday Season…I want to encourage you all to look for the magic in this season.  I am aware that it is unlike any we have ever experienced, and happiness seems a little harder to find in today’s world, BUT my hope for you is that some wonder and excitement find their way into your heart and home. 

A friend asked on a Facebook post the other day what everyone’s favorite Christmas song was.  Here are a couple of my all time faves.  I hope you enjoy them!  Since I will be recovering and listening to music will be a big part of the process, please share YOUR favorite Holiday Tune.  Happy Holidays.  XOXO



6 thoughts on “Eviction Eve

  1. Hopefully the surgery went well & you will soon be up & around getting ready to celebrate a quiet holiday season. Thoughts & prayers are coming your way. You are a strong lady & I know you will be well. God bless, Arlene


  2. The very best to you Gina u got this and merry Christmas and hoping for the best of 2021 has to be better than this year has been


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